Stunted creativity

Just throwing thoughts out and about . I just read a fantastically succinct description of blogging by Annette Clancy and it made it clear to me just how open a process this is. The thought of putting personal ideas out there is a little scary but I can see that it could be a mind altering process. I’m just wondering how other artists cope with situations where the drive to get up and do is suddenly crashed by circumstances? Just a thought.


One Response to “Stunted creativity”

  1. Omaniblog Says:

    I was there too, and it is good to find your blog. I’m impressed that you’ve written so openly about the scariness of expressing personal stuff to a public you don’t know.
    For what it’s worth, I feel you are right to describe it as a ‘mind altering process’.
    I love your phrase ‘the drive to get up and do’. I know it well. I experience it so often I describe it as a habit. In other words, I have a habit of wanting to create and exhibit myself. And this habit has to find its own way in a complex world where there are other pressures and forces providing a context. You know I read your ‘crashed’ as ‘crushed’ until now… Your word is much better than mine.
    The great thing about finding your blog is that I know feel less in the dark about who was in that room.

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