Moments of inspiration

Were you ever assailed by a thought? I mean, a thought that connects you to unfamiliar territory and people? You’re there, pottering along, not really paying much attention to anything in particular , doing the humdrum thing, when – bang – something you’ve heard in the background or seen in a glimpse stands up in your mind and demands attention. This happens, thankfully, quite a lot. I was driving on a secondary road a while ago. It was a clear night in November and there was very little traffic about. Dare I say it, but it really was a moonlit scene. It was a time when you feel afloat – no distractions. Then, in a glimpse, I saw a house in the far distance, surrounded by trees and blackness. Only one room of the house, the sittingroom, was lit and for that one megasecond, I felt I was in that room – part of that scenario because there was only darkness between us. Thankfully, I paint because I can illustrate this moment better on canvas than in words. Thats it for today.


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